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Nabataeans –

Muhannad Ibrahim Al-Salhi

All over the world, children are searching for the most beautiful, symbolic or precious gifts that express the extent of their love for their mothers on this day. But what is the condition of our mothers and sisters in Gaza? The mother there lives under rescue or in hospital corridors. She lives under the name of the mother of the martyr or the wife of the martyr. The closest title to her is Al-Khansaa, or she became a martyr, was buried under the rubble of her house, which she dreamed of seeing as a family home containing children and grandchildren. Her soul was taken away. How do we celebrate Mother’s Day when you left hungry children without shelter, without a hug that yearns, sympathizes, and consoles their wounds? And the bombing is still continuing, and the raids are destroying everything beautiful in this spring, even flowers. Anemones will not grow after the occupying entity desecrated the pure land with its impure feet.

Mothers taught us the meaning of strength and steadfastness. They taught us that there is something more valuable than our lives, our knowledge, and our studies, and there is something worth dying for. If we are hungry or naked, and if we are unarmed, then there is one word, which is steadfastness, and that we do not compromise, but rather resist and defend our religion, our Islam, our dignity, our self-esteem, and preserve our land. .

Our mothers in the past were waiting to visit their children in the occupation prisons, but today we are waiting for the news of the martyrdom or arrest of their children behind the bars of cells and detention centers. No matter how much we write and how much we describe of the cases and suffering of mothers in Gaza and occupied Palestine, the matter will not be as it was reported through news documentation on all news stations.

Ultimately and finally, we must address a word to our mothers and sisters who will become mothers in the future and give birth to men so that they can continue on the path of liberating Palestine under the most difficult and cruel circumstances throughout the days that have become a historical journey that we record with the most wonderful testimonies full of sacrifice in the battle of steadfastness and resistance: – “Our mothers, excuse us.” We are behind the borders, living in the lands of the diaspora. We have no choice but to pray to God to inspire patience in you and to grant you victory over every tyrant who took away our land and executed the death sentence on our brothers in the land of purity, Palestine, who have become a bridge through which we will cross to the day of liberation. Oh, forgive us and forgive every Muslim human being. My wrists are tied behind the border. I cannot say to you, Happy New Year, and I know that you are not fine, but I tell you to be patient and resist. Forgive us.”

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