“Nima Avocato” series, Episode 11..Nima reveals Sarah’s truth to Salah

Blessing of Avocato series, episode 11..I offered Episode 11 of the Avocado Blessing seriesThis evening, Wednesday, on MBC Egypt, after the previous episodes witnessed the beginning of Mai Omar’s journey to take revenge on Ahmed Zaher and Arwa Gouda.

Blessing of Avocato series, episode 11

I witnessed Episode 11 of the Avocado Blessing series Nehme calls Akram to bring her a sound engineer to ask Akram about the reason, but Nehme does not answer.

Blessing of Avocato series

Sarah learns that someone paid the bill for her in the restaurant, so she goes to him and it turns out that he is Yassin Al-Alfy. She asks him why he paid her bill. The waiter tells her that Yassin paid the bill for the entire restaurant, not just her. Yassin tells the waiter that Sarah is the one who pays for herself. Sarah feels embarrassed and leaves.

Blessing of Avocato series

Nimah goes to meet Salah and tells him that what led them to this was his stupidity and his love of money and that she will not forgive him until poor old Salah returns and Salah tells her that he will do everything she wants in order for her to forgive him. Salah tells Sarah about the conversation that Nimah said and during this Sarah sends to Yassin telling him that she She apologizes for what happened at the restaurant and asks him for his number.

Blessing of Avocato series

Akram brings a sound engineer to Nehma so that Nehma gives him a piece of paper and tells him that she wants what is written on the paper in Sarah’s voice. The engineer tells her that she must make her speak what is written. Nehma goes to Sarah and makes her say that she married Salah for the case’s money. Meanwhile, the engineer records Sarah’s speech.

Blessing of Avocato series

Nima sends Salah a voice message from an unknown number in which Sarah speaks and says that she married him only for the money he won from the endowment case.

Blessing of Avocato series

Show dates for the Blessing of Avocato series

Displays Blessing of Avocato series On MBC Egypt at 10 pm, and repeated at 10 am, while it is shown on MBC Egypt 2 at 1 pm and repeated at 4 pm.

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