On Mother’s Day… 37 mothers are martyred every day in the Gaza Strip Mirror


While the countries of the Arab world celebrate Mother’s Day today, Thursday, the Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed that 37 mothers are being martyred every day due to the ongoing Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.

Two Palestinian institutions announced on Thursday that 28 mothers out of 67 prisoners are in Israeli prisons.

This came in a joint statement issued by the Commission for Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs (governmental) and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (non-governmental) on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which falls on March 21 of each year.

The two institutions indicated that 28 mothers out of 67 prisoners are in Israeli prisons, and the occupation deprives them of their families and children, including mothers of prisoners, wives of prisoners, sisters of prisoners, sisters of martyrs, and former prisoners.

Among the female prisoners, according to the same statement, are Fatima Al-Shamali, the mother of Shahid, and the wounded Rana Eid.

The statement added, “The occasion of Mother’s Day this year comes at a time of ongoing genocide against our people in the Gaza Strip, which led to the martyrdom of thousands of mothers and children, depriving thousands of sons and children of their mothers, and deprived thousands of mothers of their children.”

He referred to the female prisoners and mothers from Gaza detained in Israeli camps.

He stated that the Israeli authorities continue to carry out the crime of enforced disappearance against female prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

He stated that among the female prisoners in Damoun prison were 4 from the Gaza Strip.

The statement pointed out that female prisoners are being subjected to torture and attacks of various kinds, which have escalated after last October 7.

According to the documentation of the two institutions, Israel deliberately detained mothers hostage to put pressure on their targeted husbands or children, and detained them in very harsh and difficult conditions.

The Commission and the Club reported that the majority of female prisoner mothers are detained on charges related to incitement or are under administrative detention, including women active in the human rights, popular, and social fields.

Last Monday, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, Qaddura Fares, announced that Israel has doubled its repression against male and female prisoners in its prisons since the beginning of the month of Ramadan (March 11), warning that their conditions have become more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

Israel’s escalation against at least 9,100 Palestinians in its prisons coincides with a devastating war it has been waging on the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023, which has left tens of thousands of civilian victims, most of them children and women, massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, according to Palestinian and UN data.

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