Princess Kate Middleton.. A hospital is investigating an attempt to breach her medical privacy

Princess Kate Middleton, controversy still exists over her, against the backdrop of her health condition, after undergoing surgery, and talk about her unwillingness to announce her medical condition, but there are attempts to invade her privacy by accessing her private records from the hospital in which she was treated.

Press reports stated that The Clinic opened an investigation into attempts to hack into Kate’s medical record while she was a resident there, and the Royal Palace was informed of what happened shortly after it happened.

The Clinic Hospital in London is known for its secret operation, and has served the royal family many times, especially recently King Charles.

In the UK, it is a criminal offense for medical staff to access medical records without the appropriate authorization.

The hospital did not comment on what was raised, but it stressed the right of every patient to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of every medical condition, without being exposed to it.

In another context, former US President Donald Trump defended Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, amid the drama caused by a digitally enhanced photo that she retracted, saying: “Everyone is processing their photos.”

During his interview with a British media outlet, Trump said sarcastically: “Everyone is doctors who interfere in what does not concern them. You look at these movie actors, you see a movie actor, you meet them, and you say: Is this the same person in the picture?”

He continued: “And I actually looked at it, and it was a very simple treatment. I don’t understand why there could be such controversy and howling about it.”

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