Revealing shocking details about the death of Helmi Bakr.. What is the relationship with his wife, Samah Al-Qurashi?

The case of the death of musician Helmy Bakr came to the forefront again, after lawyer Mortada Mansour revealed new details about the circumstances of the recent death of musician Helmy Bakr, and threatened to sue the deceased’s widow, accusing her of involvement in his death.

Lawyer Mansour said in press statements that he submitted a report to the Public Prosecution, requesting an investigation into the circumstances of Bakr’s death, noting that there are recordings proving that he was subjected to torture before his death..

He explained that torture was carried out by extinguishing cigarettes on his body. Which led to his death.

Lawyer Mansour denounced what the wife of the late Hilmi Bakr Samah Al-Qurashi said, in which she claimed that the lawyer owed the late man money, declaring his intention to sue her for defamation..

He indicated that there was no financial relationship between him and Bakr, and that these allegations were baseless.

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