Solaf Fawakherji: Syria is an open country and a place for many religions and sects

The Syrian artist confirmed Solaf FawakherjiHer life is simple, she loves art, and she sees that the artist, although his nerves get very tired and he is physically and psychologically tired, but at the same time, the actor feels lucky because he lives all the characters and lives that exist, explaining that the experience in itself is psychological therapy, and she feels that she is lucky and able to live all the roles.

Sulaf Fawakherji added, during an interview on the “On the Stage” program, with the journalist Mona Abdel Wahab, on Al-Hayat channel, that every time the artist presents characters is a release of energies, saying: “I love all the seasons of my life with their beauty and difficulty because she is the one who made Mona Sulaf, and she certainly was.” It is difficult, but I love it all, and the beginnings are from childhood, and childhood is the foundation and it is what forms the personality.”

She continued: “Syria is a very open place and has religions and sects. I am within the Syrian environment, my family, my mother and my father have the same thinking. My mother taught me to go to the holy places and I learned that they are the houses of God and the story is bigger than the names.”

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