The Assassins series, Episode 9.. A threatening message from Malik Shah to Sabah, and the latter responds cunningly

Episode 9 of The Assassins series It was raised, after Sultan Malik Shah sent a threatening letter to Good morning In it, he threatened to destroy the castle if he continued to turn the people against him, so Al-Sabah responded cunningly with a letter in which he entreated him, describing the king’s regime as unjust, and affirmed that the people were seeking refuge in him from the latter’s injustice, and asked Malik Shah to rid the people of his oppression. The above made Malik Shah calm down on Hassan Al-Sabah. He goes on military campaigns with the Crusaders.

Episode 9 of the Assassins series witnessed Hassan al-Sabah taking a new step in his struggle with Nizam al-Mulk, after he sent one of his followers to infiltrate his office and kill him. This is what happened when Nizam al-Mulk woke up to find his palace guards killed, one of them stabbed with a dagger on which was written a letter containing threatening words from Hassan. Morning means that there is no longer anything separating them from each other except the door of Nizam al-Mulk’s office, which his reverence is under threat at all times.

What happened made Nizam al-Mulk angry and decide to take revenge, but Malik Shah forbade him from any military campaigns directed by Hassan al-Sabah because the state was busy with other wars.

It was episode 9 of The Assassins series I began developing a new plan from Karim Abdel Aziz – Hassan Al-Sabah – in order to fortify Alamut Castle, by eliminating the main door to the entrance to the castle, making 7 fake doors, and making the only door to the castle a secret that only he and his assistants know. He also arrived with my female slaves who had previously been requested by the owner of the castle. The one who preceded it, which is what made Hassan al-Sabah tell Zaid bin Sayhun to honor them, stressing that their time would soon come.

Episode 9 of the Assassins series also highlighted the arrival of Mirna Nour al-Din, the wife of Karim Abdel Aziz – Hassan Al-Sabah – to the last inside the Alamut Castle, accompanied by his two sons and his new baby Khadija. After Hassan Al-Sabah received them, he told them of a surprise that shocked his wife by requesting him from Zaid bin He will move his son Hussein out of the castle to another castle where his eldest son will be trained in the arts of equestrianism to bring out the fierce knight inside him.

The series “The Assassins” starring Karim AbdulazizFathi Abdel Wahab, Nicholas Moawad, Mirna Nour El-Din, Ahmed Eid, Islam Gamal, Mohamed Radwan, Sami Al-Sheikh, Omar El-Shenawy, Nour Ihab, Suzan Najm El-Din, Yasser Ali Maher, Basant Abu Pasha and a large number of artists and guests of honor, which is Written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.

The Assassins Episode 9 (1)

The Assassins, Episode 9

The Assassins Episode 9 (2)

The Assassins, Episode 9

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