The Very Big Series, Episode 10.. Johnny reaches the keys

Johnny and Hegra get the keys to the safe in the bank, which the heroes are trying to do The big series, part eight They robbed him, namely the keys that were with an employee named Saif, who fell into a coma and was lying in the hospital after the death of his mother, which forced Johnny and Hagras to wear doctors’ clothes to enter him, where they found his first wife with a number of keys, then his second wife entered and a quarrel broke out between them, and then a quarrel broke out between them. This is during the events of the tenth episode, of Very big series 8which is shown on the channel on.

Johnny and Hajras jumped out of the window and arrived at the bank to find the crowd gathered around the bank to see the gang and the hostages. They kept talking about how they were going to devise a plan to get the keys into Zalqoum’s house. Inside, in the police station, the elder was placed in detention until he revealed whether he knew the gang or not, because they were wearing a mask in his likeness. .

At the beginning of the episode, the elder was gone Ahmad Makki He goes to the police station to report the disappearance of his wife, Marbouha Rahma Ahmed, and his family member, Mustafa Gharib, but he finds everyone watching TV to follow the hostage-taking inside the bank, and Al-Kabir is shocked and astonished because the hostages and the gang wear a mask on his shape and appearance.

And it displays Very big series 8 On the ON channel at 6:05 pm, and it is also shown on the watch it platform

The Very Big Series 8 starring Ahmed Mekky, Rahma Ahmed, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Gharib, Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Salam, Samaa Ibrahim, Hussein Abu Haggag, Hatem Salah, and other artists, in addition to the appearance of a number of guests of honor, and the work is produced by Synergy Company. Written by Mustafa Saqr, Mohamed Ezz El-Din, and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

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