Video: A South Korean ship capsizes, killing 9 on board

At least 9 people were killed when a South Korean-flagged ship capsized off Japan, the South Korean Foreign Ministry announced Thursday.

She added that two citizens South Korea They were among the dead, noting that the Japanese Coast Guard rescued one of the crew members, an Indonesian, and that another member of the 11-member crew is missing.

The ministry did not mention the name of the ship.

Japanese Broadcasting Corporation “NHK” reported, citing the Coast Guard, on Wednesday: Chemical tanker Flying a South Korean flag, it capsized off the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, and 7 crew members were killed.

The authority said that the tanker, “Kyoyong Sun,” was anchored due to bad weather conditions, and requested help after seven o’clock on Wednesday morning (10 p.m. Tuesday GMT), saying that it was tilting.

She added that the tanker was carrying 980 tons of… Acrylic acidbut no leakage was detected.

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