Al-Atawla series, Episode 11.. Show times and broadcast channels

Dates of the Atawla series.. The audience search rate for a show date has increased Al-Atawla series, episode 11Starring Ahmed El Sakka and Tariq Lotfy, the last episode included many exciting events, including news in the name of Ahmed El Sakka that Tariq Lotfy was the one who burned down his apartment.

Show dates for the series Al-Atawla, Episode 11

The eleventh episode of Al-Atawla seriesstarring Ahmed El Sakka and Tarek Lotfy, at 7 pm on MBC Egypt, and the replay at 2 pm.

Al-Atawla series

It is shown on MBC Egypt 2, at 9:30 pm, and replayed at 3 pm, and is also shown on the “Shahid” platform.

Al-Atawla series

Al-Atawla series

The Al-Atawla series takes place in the city of Alexandria, whose people are distinguished by their special character, style of speech, and distinctive dialect. The star Ahmed Al-Sakka embodies the character of Nassar, who is a model of a tragic hero who experiences ups and downs in his life, but he tries to maintain positivity in all circumstances and in all circumstances. His dealings, at a time when life circumstances push him towards negativity, then changes occur in his life

Al-Atawla series

“Hannah,” portrayed by the artist Zeina, appears and changes Nassar’s life. He tries to stay away from the world of crime to start a new life, but he encounters many difficulties that prevent him from doing so.

Heroes of the Atawla series

A large group of art stars are participating in the Al-Atawla series, most notably: the artist Ahmed Al-Sakka, Tariq Lotfy, Zeina, May Kassab, Sami Maghawi, Hoda Al-Atrabi, Hanan Youssef, Bassem Samra, Mimi Gamal, Menna Tayseer, Maryam Al-Jundi, Muhammad Al-Taji, Mustafa. Abu Saree, Noha Abdeen, produced by Sadiq Al-Sabah.

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