The Assassins series, Episode 10… An enthusiastic sermon from Hassan Al-Sabah before the plan to destroy the Seljuks

Episode 10 continued The Assassins series In its exciting events, after Hassan al-Sabah delivered a big sermon to his followers, in which he asked for guerrilla soldiers to launch on the Seljuk army in the hour of nap time in order to defeat them, which is what actually began to happen at the end of the episode with a barrage of arrows being fired at the Seljuk army, in addition to opening the castle doors to set off. Including soldiers.

Before that, Hassan Al-Sabah gave his followers an enthusiastic sermon that ignited their enthusiasm, assuring them of his confidence in victory during the great epic they are preparing for and defeating them in.

Episode 10 of The Assassins series Shedding light on the stubbornness of Hassan Al-Sabah’s eldest son to his teacher in the castle where he was training, assuring him that he wanted to go to his father’s castle, which is what made his teacher order that Al-Hussein bin Hassan bin Al-Sabah be deprived of food as punishment for his stubbornness.

Episode 10 of the series “The Assassins” witnessed a discussion between Hassan Al-Sabah and his wife, whose role is played by Mirna Nour El-Din, in which the latter revolted against him and accused him of becoming another person and depriving her of her eldest son, Al-Hussein. He also became extremely cruel to her and his children, justifying this by saying that he is trying to raise them on horsemanship and make her her son. Stronger, confirming that he would return to them after lifting the siege imposed on them by the Seljuks.

It was episode 10 of The Assassins series I witnessed a meeting between Arslan Taj, the commander of the Seljuk army, with the leaders of the tribes neighboring the Alamut Castle, and he sent threatening messages to them, stressing that if they did not help him and the Sultan’s army, they would all be killed and the head would be separated from the body, which caused panic among the tribes, but Hassan al-Sabah in His stronghold was calm as usual, and he tried to continue to reassure his followers and his wife, assuring victory over the Seljuk army.

The 10th episode of the Assassin series also began with the siege of the castle inhabited by Hassan al-Sabah, which is the Alamut Castle, by the Seljuk army led by Sultan Malik Shah and his minister Nizam al-Mulk, in response to what happened during the last episode of Hassan al-Sabah’s killing of Mukhik al-Sultan and Nadeem, who was close to him. By stabbing him with a dagger and a message written on it: The time of laughter is over.

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