The Olympic team defeats the UAE and sets a date with Australia

The Egyptian Olympic team achieved a precious victory this evening, Wednesday, against its counterpart, the UAE national team, with a goal without a response, in the match that was held in the West Asian Under-23 Championship.

The Saudi city of Al-Ahsa will host the tournament with the participation of 8 teams: “Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, and the Emirates from West Asia, along with South Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Egypt as guests.”

Bilal Mazhar scored the only goal in the match in the 81st minute after a powerful shot into the net. Our national team qualified for the semi-finals to face the Australian team, which also won this Wednesday evening over the Iraqi team with a score of 2-1, while Iraq and the Emirates will play against each other on the 23rd. March.

The Egyptian national team will play a third match on March 26, which will be determined according to the result of its match with Australia.

The Egyptian team is taking advantage of this tournament to prepare to participate in the Paris Olympics this summer.

the summary of the match

Negative run

Minute 3: Sultan shot a strong ball that hit the human wall.

Minute 14: Ahmed Eid sent a perfect cross from the right side into the penalty area, and Ibrahim Adel converted a powerful scissor kick, but his ball went over the crossbar.

Minute 23: Ibrahim Adel shot a ball from outside the penalty area, which passed just above the crossbar and out of the field.

Minute 27: Mahmoud Saber shoots a strong ball from the edge of the penalty area, but it goes away from the goal.

Minute 29: Ibrahim Adel shot with the sole of his foot from inside the area. It collided with the defense and passed just past the left post and went into a corner kick.

The match referee counted 4 minutes of stoppage time, but they did not change anything in the result of the match, so the first half ended in a goalless draw.

Bilal Mazhar kills the match

Minute 46: Ahmed Eid sent a cross into the penalty area, which Bilal Mazhar turned in a header that almost hugged the net, but the goalkeeper blocked it brilliantly.

Minute 52: Mahmoud Saber shot from inside the penalty area and the defense blocked it.

Minute 73: A cross from the left side inside the penalty area was headed by Osama Faisal, but it easily reached the goalkeeper’s arms.

Minute 82: Bilal Mazhar scored the first goal in the match after a through pass from Ibrahim Adel inside the penalty area. Bilal Mazhar received it and shot a powerful ball to the right of the goalkeeper into the net, announcing the first goal. To see the goal… Press here

The match referee counted 6 minutes of stoppage time, which did not change the result.

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