Urgent.. Increase in gasoline and diesel prices

12:30 p.m

Friday, March 22, 2024

Books – Mohamed Salah

The Petroleum Products Pricing Committee decided to raise the prices of gasoline of all types in line with global changes, provided that the decision regarding the new pricing will be officially announced, after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi rejected last November the government’s request to increase the price of diesel, contenting himself with gasoline, with his directives to rationalize the government’s fuel spending by a percentage 50%.

According to the committee’s decision, it was decided to raise gasoline prices by one pound, so the value of a liter of 80 gasoline after the increase becomes 11 pounds, the price of a liter of 92 gasoline after the increase is 12.50 pounds, and the price of a liter of 95 gasoline after the increase becomes 13.5 pounds.

The committee also decided to increase the price of diesel by one pound and 75 piasters per liter, so that a liter of diesel would become 10 pounds, in addition to increasing the price of a 12.5-kilogram stove cylinder of used warehouse land from 57 pounds to 100 pounds.

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