Urgent warning about UAE weather today and tomorrow: significant drop in temperatures, heavy rain, and strong winds until the end of the week

The National Center of Meteorology revealed important details about the UAE’s weather today, as it is expected that today’s weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times in some western regions and islands, with light rain falling in conjunction with a significant drop in temperatures in the coastal region, while it will be humid at night. This will continue until tomorrow morning, with a slight formation of fog over the interior areas.

UAE weather today and tomorrow

UAE weather today and tomorrow

In the context of talking about the forecasts of the National Center of Meteorology regarding weather conditions in the country, it reported that the expected wind movement will be light to moderate in speed, while it will be active on the sea in some hours. As for the wave condition in the Sea of ​​Oman, it will be light and in the Arabian Gulf it will be light. Waves to medium, sometimes disturbed.

The National Center of Meteorology also expected that tomorrow’s weather will be clear to partly cloudy and dusty at some hours, coinciding with a decline in temperatures, and at night hours it will become humid, with a strong chance of fog or light fog forming over the coastal and inland areas as well.

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Wind movement today

UAE weather today and tomorrow

As for the wind movement today, according to many weather indicators, it is expected that it will be light northwesterly and moderate in some hours, active at other times and causing dust. As for its speed, it will range from 15 km per hour to 25 km per hour, and over the area. Sea wind speed reaches 40 km/h.

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When does the temperature drop in the Emirates?

The winter season starts from December to March every year.

What is the coldest area in the Emirates?

Hajar Mountains.

What is the temperature in Dubai in the summer?


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