Video – Liqaa Al-Khamisi talks about her son hitting her and her dispute with this star

In the second part of her episode of the “Asrar” program presented by the media personality Amira Badr on the “Al-Nahar” channel, the artist Liqaa Al-Khamisi said that she was talking to her deceased father, expressing her great longing for him, and confirmed that she entered the grave of the late artist Ahmed Zaki during his burial, and she also talked about Her son beat her and her dispute with the artist Khaled Selim over the order of the names in the sequence of the series “Gates of Doubt”.

Liqaa said:

– “I talk to my father and he responds to me. I talk to him about writing. I have a notebook that I write in. I know how to write and I am supposed to remain a writer. He sends me letters in signs around me because I focus very much on the details.”

– “I went down to Ahmed Zaki’s grave because I loved him, and I was pregnant with my son, and I went down all the stairs and they took me out, and my husband was holding the coffin with them, and I loved him because he was honest and one of the most important people.”

– “My colleague Louay Omran and I were young, and we met Ahmed Zaki in the elevator. He told me that you are an actress without showing me anything or that I had done anything. He told me that you will remain very talented, and he told my colleague, ‘Also.’”

– “I said to Ahmed Zaki, ‘I love you. Can I give you a hug?’ He went to hug me, and after his death, I could not watch anything from him. I have never been to anyone’s grave except for my father.”

“I had a very intense sin of anger when I was young, and it started to decrease a little. Now I try to control myself, and for a year and a half I have been saying, ‘Take a long breath,’ and when I continued to play sports, things became better.”

“The most angry moments were with my eldest son. He is the one who can make me angry the most, and I got angry at him more than once, and for hours he would be crazy and not feel like myself and I would throw things at him.”

“My eldest son extended his hand to me and I cried for three days and I couldn’t help him and I made myself difficult for myself. Then Awsa came and spoke to him and apologized to me and shook my head.”

– “Mohamed Abdel Monsef has never dealt with me in a violent manner and he never bothers me. This will make me fall down and give me a stroke. I am the only one whose voice is loud, and his point of view is logical that when we raise our voice louder, our son will not be convinced, so we speak calmly.”

– “Abdel Monsef is a composed and sober person. I remain a romantic, emotional, and poetic person. Sometimes I scream and go crazy, and at the end I go down to nothing.”

– “The series “Gates of Doubt” had the right to put my name before Khaled Selim, and I went on without knowing that Khaled Selim was the one who nominated me, and Khaled Selim is a big star, but I see him as a singer and a solid singer, but I am an actress.”

– “The difference between Khaled Selim and Tamer Hosni is that he has made many films for years, and the fight is strange because he is on the right and on the left, and Khaled is ten and married to my friend.”

– “I have two comfortable years with a semester, and that does not mean that I do not like my job. My work in “One Man and Six Women” is 11 seasons, which is not laziness, but I took the opinion of the people closest to me and they told me to continue, but I was against working for more than three seasons, and I saw that I would take the cage and go. “.

– “My pride is intelligent, so I don’t lose things in my work and get upset, and I don’t lose a lot, and I like to see myself as important because I really am. I don’t ask for a lot in business, and I don’t like anyone considering me as not existing.”

– “I reject personal freedom with regard to a person changing his sexual identity, and changing sex from male to female or vice versa, unless there is a specific medical problem, at which time this is acceptable.”

– “If my son told me that I would live with one woman and live with her without permission, I would tell him, of course, no, and that is absolutely unacceptable.”

– “Freedom has limits, but I can control the family I am with and let my son read the Qur’an and know what is right and wrong, but I cannot control the actions of others.”

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