He fell asleep in court…a statement that sparks Donald Trump’s anger against a journalist

It appears that former US President Donald Trump Yesterday, who attended the first session of his criminal trial in New York, he was not very pleased with one of the female journalists.

During the first day of his criminal trial on charges of falsifying business records, former Pres Donald Trump He “stared” at New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman after she wrote that he appeared to be “asleep” in court.

After the jurors left the courtroom during a break Monday afternoon, Trump stared at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, then turned his gaze to a journalist named Maggie Haberman, apparently angrily for several seconds as he exited, according to Newsweek.

The reason is that the New York Times correspondent wrote that: Trump He seemed very sleepy during the proceedings of the judicial session.

She also confirmed that he sometimes fell asleep, and his face appeared relaxed and lethargic, as if he was asleep.

The journalist wrote in the newspaper’s live blog that Trump appeared to be asleep during the trial proceedings.

She also explained in an interview with CNN last evening that he had previously… Trump He seemed sleepy in previous sessions, but this time he appeared completely different, to the point that he did not pay attention to a written note passed to him by his lawyer, Todd Blanche. She noted that his jaw actually appeared to be slack, as if he was falling asleep.

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