Israeli media: 18 wounded in bombing from Lebanon on the town of Arab Al-Aramsha | News


Israeli media reported on Wednesday that the number of people injured as a result of the bombing on the town of Arab Al-Aramsha, near the border with Lebanon, had risen to 18, including 4 in serious condition.

Earlier, the Israeli Ambulance Authority announced that 7 people were injured, including two in serious condition, as a result of missiles that struck a building and a car in the town of Arab Al-Aramsha in the Galilee, before announcing that the death toll had risen.

For its part, Israeli media said that the Israeli army sent a helicopter to evacuate the injured from the area.

These means reported that 4 missiles were fired from southern Lebanon on the town of Arab Al-Aramsha in Galilee, after the Iron Dome failed to intercept them.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent said that sirens sounded in Arab Al-Aramsha after the missiles fell on them.

For his part, he announced Hizb allah The Lebanese carried out an attack with missiles and drones against what he said was the headquarters of the new military reconnaissance company in Arab Al-Aramsha, confirming that the headquarters personnel were killed or wounded.

Map of Palestine - Aramsha town
Israeli media said that the missiles fell on Arab Al-Aramsha after the Iron Dome failed to intercept them (Al-Jazeera)

Escalation of bombing

Earlier today, it was announced Hizb allah An Israeli military barracks was targeted with missiles, a day after 3 of its members were killed in two Israeli raids that targeted southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah said, in a statement, that it targeted the headquarters of the 91st Division in the Pranit Barracks in the Upper Galilee with a Burkan-type missile, and confirmed that it achieved a direct hit in the barracks.

The party also confirmed that a new deployment of occupation soldiers was targeted south of the Pranit Barracks with rocket weapons and artillery shells.

For its part, Israeli Channel 12 said that 4 missiles were fired from southern Lebanon and landed in open areas in the Western Galilee, without causing any casualties.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported that 6 missiles were fired from southern Lebanon towards the Israeli Baranit barracks in the Western Galilee. He explained that Sirens sounded in the area.

Hezbollah dead

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, Hezbollah announced the killing of 3 of its members in two Israeli raids in southern Lebanon, and Israel, in return, announced that it had killed two leaders and a member of the party’s missile unit.

Hezbollah said, in a statement, that one of its members was killed, called Ismail Youssef Baz, without specifying his rank or role, while a source close to the party indicated that “a field commander responsible for the Naqoura area axis was killed as a result of an Israeli strike” in the town of Ain Baal.

The party also announced the killing of Muhammad Hussein Mustafa Shahhouri and another member, without clarifying their roles, at a time when the Amal Movement announced the killing of one of its members in Ain Baal.

The Civil Defense in southern Lebanon said that 4 people were killed and others were injured in two raids that targeted 3 cars in the towns of Ain Baal and Shehabiya in southern Lebanon.

On the other hand, the Israeli army announced in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, that it attacked and “killed, using an Air Force aircraft in the Lebanese Ain Baal region,” Hezbollah’s “commander of the beach area,” Ismail Youssef Baz.

In another statement, the Israeli army announced that it “killed the commander of the missile unit in the western sector of the Radwan Force, Muhammad Hussein Mustafa Shahhouri, in Kafr Donin.”

He pointed out that Shahhouri was “responsible for planning and implementing numerous operations to launch rocket shells towards Israeli territory from the central and western sector area in southern Lebanon.”

The Israeli army also announced that “Mahmoud Ibrahim Fadlallah has been eliminated,” and indicated that he is “active” in Hezbollah’s missile unit.

In the wake of the devastating Israeli war on… Gaza strip Hezbollah and Palestinian factions in Lebanon exchange daily bombardments with the Israeli occupation army, resulting in deaths and injuries on both sides, in addition to casualties among Lebanese civilians.

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