Hossam Hassan: Egyptian football is suffering and the league is not offering anything

Hassan said during the session called for by a group of journalists: “I do not want to export frustration, but what good does the Egyptian League offer? You all know its assessment well. I sit to watch the matches and I pray to find one player who deserves to join the league.” The elected“.

He continued: “If you ask about the best player in… Egypt Some will talk about Ahmed Sayed Zizo (Zamalek player) and others about Imam Ashour (Al-Ahly player) Then we will not find other names.”

The former Egyptian national team top scorer added: “Some analysts portrayed to the fans that qualifying for the 2026 World Cup is an easy task, and this is not true. Our results in recent tournaments confirm that we are suffering football-wise, and I have reservations about making the matter appear to public opinion as if we had already qualified for the World Cup.”

He continued: “We only have 8 professional players compared to a national team Burkina Faso Who we will meet in June has 28 professionals. Egyptian football is going through a very difficult stage, and the superiority of Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the continental championships is not a measure because they are facing local players.”

A crisis arose between Egyptian Federation For the game and some clubs because of Hassan’s demand for a start camp The next team is on May 28 instead of the scheduled start of the international agenda on June 3.

Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids clubs refused to play their matches in the Egypt Cup competition scheduled for this period without international players.

Al-Ahly will play the second leg of the African Champions League final against Esperance of Tunisia on May 25, and its Swiss coach, Marcel Kohler, expressed his objection to his players joining the team’s camp directly after the match and competing in the Egypt Cup without the internationals.

Coach added Pharaohs: “If we start the camp on June 3, we will suffer. The clubs are demanding that their local matches be postponed because they see that they are on a national mission, and I see that the national team is on a national mission as well.”

Hassan revealed his desire to set a new vision for Egyptian football, and said, “I sat with the Brazilian Rogerio Micale, coach of the Olympic team, to set a vision for Egyptian football that does not exist. The league system must be changed in the near future.”

And tops Egypt national team Its first group in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, the finals of which are scheduled to take place in the United States of America, Mexico and Canada, with six points from two wins over its host Djibouti (6-0) and its host Sierra Leone (2-0).

In the next international break, it will meet Burkina Faso (4 points) in Cairo on June 6 in the third round, then away to Guinea Bissau (4 points) four days later in the fourth round.

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