“It can detect moods.” OpenAI launches a new model for artificial intelligence

OpenAI said that the GPT-4 update works faster than previous versions and can reason through text, audio and video in real time, noting that it will be available to users, including those who use the free version.

She explained that the latest update to her artificial intelligence model mimics human rhythms in its verbal responses, and can try to detect people’s moods, adding that the new OpenAI model can work as a translator, even in voice mode.

Chief Technology Officer, Mira Moratti, revealed during a demo that the new GPT-4o model allows ChatGPT to handle 50 different languages ​​with improved speed and quality.

Moratti confirmed that the new model will also be available via the OpenAI API, allowing developers to start creating applications using the new model today, adding that GPT-4o is twice as fast as GPT-4 Turbo and half its cost.

The OpenAI updates came one day before Google’s annual conference, where Google is expected to reveal updates to its Gemini AI model.

OpenAI is a Microsoft-backed company, valued at more than $80 billion by investors. The company, founded in 2015, is under pressure to stay on top of the generative AI market.

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