Revealing the characteristics and advantages of PUBG MOBILE update No. 3.2

to update PUBG MOBILE No. 3.2, available starting next July 9, will bring many new features and benefits. Players will be able to explore robotic marvels in World of Wonder mode and the new themed Mecha Fusion mode, along with Season 18 Cycle 6 improvements and Metro Royale updates. The home screen updates will also include a new competition that will allow players to showcase their creativity for a chance to win great prizes.

Version 3.2 update introduces a new themed Mecha Fusion mode, which will be available in Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps, and will bring three unique mechs to PUBG Mobile: Levitron, Strider, and Armamech. Levitron is a unique vehicle that can transition between speed and magnetic mode, and features a “magnetization” ability that can be used to grab and throw characters, vehicles, and gadgets.

Characteristics and advantages of PUBG MOBILE update No. 3.2

  • situation Newly themed Mecha Fusion featuring mecha-inspired elements
  • Improvements to World of Wonder mode that integrate seamlessly with the Mecha Fusion theme
  • Improvements to the Homepage system, including a new Homepage Contest and Elegant Ancient Capital-themed items
  • Metro Royale updates, including gameplay improvements, new collectibles, and a new enemy Strider
  • New legendary items will arrive in Cycle 6 of Season 18
  • The upcoming announcement of PUBG Mobile’s cooperation with a famous sports car company, in addition to its cooperation with the famous animation series, which is expected to spread the lively and exciting atmosphere on the battlefields.

While the Strider features jumping and missile launching capabilities, the Armamech, a massive four-seat vehicle created by combining the Strider and Levitron, offers unparalleled versatility, and is equipped with dual weapons and the skills of its counterparts.

The Armamech can be summoned in the Steel Ark, a futuristic-style ship containing large amounts of supplies that will appear multiple times on each map alongside player transport planes. Steel Ark also features a huge interior space with a towering, multi-layered structure that provides an enjoyable space for players. Both Levitron and Strider can also be found in Steel Ark and collection bases will be spread across Erangel, Livik and Miramar maps, providing players with opportunities to replenish the machines’ health and refuel them with missiles.

In addition to the new mechanics, Mecha Fusion mode will include many new character elements to PUBG Mobile, including the Jetpack, which enhances movement speed and provides hovering abilities for a short period, in addition to the Personal AED feature, which gives players the ability to save themselves when they fall.

Players can also equip themselves with the Magnet Gun, which acts as a firearm version of the Magnetic Weapon, and the Respawn Beacon which allows for instant respawn of eliminated teammates.

World of Wonder will also receive its own set of new mechanics-inspired gameplay experiences and additions along with new Target Dummy and Soccer Ball items. In Military Base Mecha, players will fight team against team for victory in a confrontation on a military base, while Steel Ark Catch Me is about finding hidden players and eliminating them within a specific time period to achieve victory.

Steel Ark Infinite Respawn Royale revolves around four teams that will face off around the Steel Ark with an unlimited number of team member respawns. Players will also be able to enjoy an exciting one-on-one battle using mechanisms, punches, and missiles. Finally, Mecha Mayhem’s 8v8 faction battle summons mechs from the sky as they fire their missiles at close range that will determine the outcome of the match.

PUBG Mobile Update 3.2 also introduces a wide range of features and fixes to the homepage, including new Elegant Ancient Capital-themed items along with improved building layouts. Plus, a new main competition encourages players to show off their design prowess for a chance to win some great prizes! Applications for the competition are open until June 1.

Metro Royale will also receive exciting updates in Update 3.2, including gameplay improvements, new collectibles, and the new Strider enemy. Players can earn multiple gift packs at once and repair all items with one click via the gear page, in addition to earning new Honor rewards and collectibles. Some gold collectibles can be displayed in the players’ personal space on the lobby page, and there is the possibility of placing them on the main page. Players can now earn player and companion EXP in Metro Royale matches and face the new enemy Strider.

Update 3.2 also marks the arrival of Cycle 6 of Season 18, which will include a host of new Legendary items including C6S18 Glasses, C6S18 Set, C6S18 Mask, C6S18 Cap, and C6S18 – DBS.

PUBG Mobile players will also be waiting for an upcoming collaboration with a prominent sports car manufacturer, in addition to a new and exciting collaboration with one of the famous animated series. Stay tuned with more news later!

You can find more information about the content of PUBG Mobile Update No. 3.2 in the official publication available here.

PUBG Mobile update 3.2 will be available from until July 9! Please download the game for free via App Store And a store Google Play Store.

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