Tamir Steinman: “It was shocking and I’m trapped in the middle, trying to breathe”

You are a bad, divisive, and arrogant guy, a narrow man from the Tahvil Channel 12. It’s lucky that I chose Maggie Tavibi and you interfered with my devoted and dear Maggie Tavibi to lead the torch lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem alone, Regev and her office staff did not choose Maggie Tavibi and neither did the Committee for Rituals and Symbols, they are before Passover a day ago The Holocaust was not present on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, but only me and I decided and chose my dear and devoted Maggie Tavibi. Shame on you for what you did at the torch lighting ceremony. You did not let Maggie Tavibi speak insolently and brazenly, like you, come on, trash, go home, I don’t forgive you trash, you flattered Regev, you will suffer! Next year you won’t be on stage anymore, but me and Maggie Tavibi don’t need you! A divisive person, divisive sayings, I will not forget what you did at the torch lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.


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