The first parliamentary move regarding the accusation of an Uber driver of assaulting a “tug girl.”

01:59 PM

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Representative Ahmed Badawy, Chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the CEO of Uber Egypt is scheduled to attend the headquarters of the Communications Committee in the House of Representatives, next Monday, to discuss the recent problems with the company’s customers.

“Badawi” added, in special statements he made to “Masrawy,” that important recommendations are scheduled to be made during the CEO’s presence at the headquarters of the Communications Committee to reduce the problems that Uber customers suffer from.

It is noteworthy that the security services of the Ministry of Interior have revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on social media regarding the assault by a driver of a private transport company on a woman in Cairo.

The Ministry stated that it turned out that the security services in the Cairo Security Directorate received a report on May 12 from one of the girls that while she was riding in a car “affiliated with one of the smart transportation applications,” its driver took her to one of the areas in the second Nasr City Police Department and tried to assault her while he was in possession of a white “cutter” weapon. As a result, she was injured, and she was able to escape.

After codifying the procedures, it was possible to identify and arrest the perpetrator of the incident at the time and it was found that he was a resident of the Mokattam Police Department. The white weapon and the car used in the incident were also seized. Legal action has been taken.

The victim’s sister published a post on social media in which she said that her sister had been kidnapped and attempted to be raped by an Uber driver in the Settlement desert on the evening of May 11.

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