The prosecution hears the statements of the Uber driver in the “gathering girl” incident.

03:06 PM

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Books – Ramadan Younes:

The Nasr City Prosecutor’s Office in Cairo hears the statements of the Uber driver accused of kidnapping the girl in the community, “N.A.,” and attempting to assault her.

The accused came to the Nasr City Prosecution headquarters under tight security guard, to be investigated regarding the incident.

The security services at the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on social media regarding a driver of a private transport company assaulting a woman in Cairo.

The Ministry stated that it was found that the security services in the Cairo Security Directorate received a report on May 12 from one of the girls that while she was riding in a car “affiliated with one of the smart transportation applications,” its driver took her to one of the areas in the second Nasr City Police Department and tried to assault her while he was in possession of a white weapon. As a result, she was injured, and she was able to escape.

After codifying the procedures, it was possible to identify and arrest the perpetrator of the incident in a timely manner, and it was found that he was a resident of the Mokattam Police Department. The white weapon and the car used in the incident were also seized. Legal action has been taken.

The prosecution heard the statements of the girl in the community in the incident where she accused an Uber driver of kidnapping her in the desert in the community and trying to sexually assault her last Saturday evening.

The girl said that she ordered an Uber from her sister’s phone, and she took the car at 9:56, heading from her home in the community to Sheikh Zayed.

She added that the driver, H.A., asked her to cancel the trip and send the value to his phone wallet (a ploy to avoid paying the company’s commission), but she refused and consulted with her sister, who also supported her opinion.

At 10:30 p.m., Sally Awad, the victim’s sister, received calls from 3 personal numbers asking her where she was to take her to her sister’s location. She said, “Here I became certain that my sister had been kidnapped.”

After about 15 minutes, the complainant’s sister received a call. The caller told her, “I found your sister in the desert of the Third Settlement,” adding that passersby took her sister home at 10:36, when she told her that the driver threatened her with a lot, assaulted her, and tried to rape her, but she resisted.

The victim said that she held the “electrode” in her hand until her blood flowed, and she pushed the driver with her feet, and he shouted at her, “I see your blood is flowing and you are resisting,” and she replied, “You will not touch me unless you kill me.”

The girl succeeded in opening the door in the other direction and was able to escape and call for help from passing cars until they rescued her.

For its part, Uber said that it had taken a decision to suspend the account of the driver accused of attempting to kidnap and attempt to rape the victim, stressing, “We are working closely with the local authorities to provide all the information necessary to complete the investigation process. We are determined to continue our efforts to address all forms of sexual assault and violence.”

The prosecution ordered the driver to be examined by forensic medicine to determine whether he had taken narcotic substances or not, and also ordered the seizure of the weapon used in the incident.

The prosecution summoned eyewitnesses to the incident who transported the girl from the desert of the Third Settlement to her home.

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