Trump trial live updates: Michael Cohen to continue testimony

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, picking up where he left off yesterday, recounted a meeting with Trump in Feb. 17, 2017, at the White House — a key moment where prosecutors allege Trump personally discussed the repayment scheme.

“So I was sitting with president Trump and asked me if I was OK. He asked me if I needed money. And I said no, all good. He said, ‘I can get a check.’ I said, no I’m OK,” Cohen recounted of the conversation.

“He said all right, just make sure you deal with Allen,” Cohen continued.

“Did he say anything about anything that would be forthcoming to you?” prosecutor Susan Hoffinger asked.

“Yes, there would be a check for January and February,” Cohen said.

The jury was shown a photo of Cohen in the White House briefing room, backing up that the meeting occurred.

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