Barcelona’s popularity has increased.. Who is Basora, the new head of Al-Hilal Marketing?

Over the course of about a decade and a half, Spanish Vanessa Basura has gained experience in marketing, sales, and management in the sports and entertainment sectors. She convinced the management of Al Hilal Club Company to appoint her as Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Digital Content.
While Al-Hilal has not announced the news, as of the time of writing these lines, “The Athlete” learned it from private sources, and Basura herself confirmed it by adding her new job to her personal page on the “LinkedIn” website.
On the same page, the Spanish enumerates her areas of experience, which span more than 15 years, and include brand management, strategic marketing, partnerships, digital marketing, sales, and revenue management in the sports and entertainment sectors.
In a brief overview of her professional career, the new Hilali employee confirms her contribution, over a period of 11 years, to building FC Barcelona “to become one of the most successful and popular sports brands.”
Basura began her adventure in the corridors of the Catalan club in January 2007 as “responsible for implementing advertising campaigns to promote Barcelona products,” and remained in this position for a full 4 years.
In January 2011, the club transferred her to the position of “Football Product Manager”, which assigned her to implement sports product campaigns, organize initiatives, manage digital content, etc., and she continued in this position until July 2013.
In view of her excellence, Barcelona management promoted her to the position of “Senior Product Manager” and assigned her to develop marketing plans, digitally, television, radio, in the press, and through social media, for all of the club’s sports products, in addition to launching ticket sales campaigns and customer care.
She moved from this position in September 2015 to head the club’s marketing department, and through her new position, she worked to grow the Barcelona brand, manage its advertising campaigns, its customer relations, and develop its marketing plan.
In March 2018, the club appointed her as Head of the Sports Marketing Department, and her duties included undertaking the marketing strategy for the five professional sports: football, basketball, futsal, handball and hockey, managing digital content, and activating brand events.
She spent only 9 months in this mission, then she left the club and moved to work as a lecturer and responsible for branding, communications and sports marketing at the “School of Sports Management”, which has 3 branches in Paris, Lausanne and Barcelona, ​​and is concerned with training young sports managers, and she remained there until she joined the Spanish club Seville. August 2021.
Sevilla appointed her to the position of Brand and Digital Director, whereby she became responsible for the club’s international strategy, its brand, its digital and marketing strategy, and managing its customer relationships.
Aside from the three clubs, Basora’s CV includes working as a lecturer and a brand, communications and sports marketing officer at three different institutions specialized in their fields, including the Johan Cruyff Institute.
The Spanish woman joined these three institutions while working in Seville, and is still associated with them, according to her page on LinkedIn, while she separated from the Spanish club for the sake of the Crescent position.

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