Tried to rescue IDF soldiers who were hit in Kibbutz Adamit – and was killed by an anti-tank missile

A civilian who was staying in Kibbutz Adamit was injured today (Tuesday) by an anti-tank missile and was pronounced dead a short time later.

An IDF soldier was also moderately injured and four other soldiers were slightly injured from the launches into the Adamite area.

They were taken to a hospital and their families were informed.

The murdered citizen is not a resident of the place. He came to the soldiers today to bring them donations for Independence Day. When he recognized that the anti-tank missiles hit near the IDF forces and caused the soldiers to be injured, he tried to find out if there was a way to help. The Hezbollah organization recognized him as a military man and launched another guided missile that hit him directly.

His body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for identification.

This is the 24th person killed on the northern border since the outbreak of the war – 6 of them in the last month.

The military correspondent of GLA Doron Kadosh wrote that in recent weeks, Hezbollah has been increasing the rate of fire, carrying out deadly and higher-quality attacks, firing in wider ranges.

The situation in the north has worsened in the last month, not sure how adequately the IDF is reacting to this. They continue to attack “military targets and terrorist infrastructure” in the border area. The number of Hezbollah terrorists killed in the last month – 24. Much less than the previous months.

In addition, an observation balloon flying over Adamit was hit by one of the launches and landed in Lebanese territory.

Hezbollah accepted responsibility and emphasized that they attacked three targets related to the observation balloon. The IDF has updated: “As a result of the launches carried out to the Western Galilee, an IDF observation balloon was damaged and fell in Lebanese territory, there is no fear of leaking information.”

In response, fighter jets attacked Hizbollah military buildings this evening, in the areas of Eyta al-Sha’ab and the village of Kila in southern Lebanon.

In the afternoon, at least ten launches were made to the IDF posts in Hermon. There were no casualties and no damage was caused. Earlier, anti-tank missiles were fired at Moshav Avivim in the Upper Galilee, and there were no casualties in this incident either.

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