Abby Lynn Keen is emerging as a promising talent on the music scene

With a flair for melody and an ear for intricate storytelling, Abby Lynn Keen is a rising talent in the music industry, emerging from the shadow of her sister, renowned British singer-songwriter RAYE. Abby, who has also dabbled in the realms of music, shares her family’s artistic blood and is constantly gaining recognition for her work.

RAYE, whose date of birth is October 24, has left her mark on the music world with her poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, particularly highlighted on her album “My 21st Century Blues”. This album, with emotional songs like “Escapism,” “Hard Out Here,” “The Thrill Is Gone,” and “Flip A Switch,” won over both audiences and critics. RAYE’s musical journey has been punctuated by her collaborations with music heavyweights and her UK tour with the likes of Rita Ora, showcasing her dynamic artistry.

Abby, who hails from Tooting, London, stepped onto the music scene under the stage name Absolutely. He has a rich catalog of work that includes a series of EPs titled “September”, “October”, “November” and “December”, previously released under the moniker “àB”. Her EP “First Place (Tancrede Sessions)”, which was released in March 2020, foreshadowed her evolving musical direction and ability to convey a range of emotional experiences through song.

Her creative prowess further shined through her contribution to Brazilian artist Anitta’s album, marking her first significant step into the world of major label songwriting. This achievement not only highlights Abby’s talents, but also highlights the global nature of her appeal.

Abby Lynn Keen’s latest release, the album “CEREBRUM”, which was released on November 17, 2023, is a testament to her artistic depth. The collection of songs within the album offers the audience a window into her deep creativity and the layered story of her musical journey. As Abby Lynn Keen continues to make her mark, her family connection to RAYE adds an intriguing dimension to her story. With her attention-grabbing debut album, she is on the verge of further recognition in the dynamic landscape of music, ready to capture a global audience with her unique sound and heartfelt compositions.

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