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Claudine Barretto’s problem with Angela De Leon: Here’s the reason

Actress Claudine Barretto revealed in an interview why she and Angela De Leon are not on good terms. This is after her statement during the event caused a lot of buzz online. In front of a crowd that included famous people, she expressed that she did not want to work with her.

Claudine Barretto on the real reason for the problem with Angelo De Leon

This is a real “beef” between Claudine Barretto and Angelo De Leon according to the former.

Optimal star Claudine Barretto reveals in an interview why she does not want to work with actress Angela De Leon.

Actress Claudine Barretto was among the guests who attended the 20th wedding anniversary celebration of celebrity couple Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas. It was a star-studded event, but in front of the audience, Optimum Star expressed something about Angelo De Leon that shocked many.

In the previous article, alleged conflict between Angelu and Claudine appeared when Optimum Star declared that she no longer wanted to work with De Leon.

During a conversation with Gladys while she was on stage, she said this which ignited the intrigue, “No no no. Hindi, ikaw lang at ako at Judy Ann, walang Angelu.”

She was asked again if she would like to work with Wowie de Guzman and Vhong Navarro and she expressed that she wanted to. However, she insisted again “huwag na si Angela”.

After the event, they gave her an interview and that’s when she revealed the “agreement” between them. She pointed out that she was always transparent and did not skimp when asked about the intriguing statement about De Leon.

Everything came down to those two cases – when she and Jolina had a problem and when she and her sisters had a conflict. De Leon accordingly comments on these problems and these comments did not sit well with her. This happened not only once but twice.

“Kung wala kang magawa, tumahimik ka na lang, di ba? Your career mo ang-usapan mo, huwag yung career ko. Yun lang ang ano if. Kaya ayaw ko siyang makatrabaho,” Barretto said.

She added that De Leon has not changed either. Let’s remind you, they worked together in TV.

There were times when their paths crossed, but she avoided her. She tried to call her, but no one answered her calls. When asked if there was another problem with her, she answered: “Problem na niya yun. Hindi ko na alam kung saan.”

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