Dollar General Shooting Victim Jerrald Gallion: Wiki and Age

Jerrald Gallion was a devoted father who lost his life after being involved in a shooting at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. Find out more details here.

Jerrald Gallion was a 29-year-old from the United States of America. He had a good connection with many people and everyone shares their words for the departed soul.

Gallion is no longer in this world as he lost his life in a recent shooting. He was one of three victims killed Saturday afternoon at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida.

When the news of Gallion’s death was confirmed, people were shocked and started sharing their words for the departed soul.

In addition, online users are eager to know more about the departed soul. So, collecting everything from the available sources, the facts are given in this article.

Jerrald Gallion was the victim of the Dollar General shooting

Jerrald Gallion was the victim of a shooting at the Dollar General who was killed on Saturday. FYI, the shooting happened on Saturday (August 26, 2023) at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gallion was shot as he and his girlfriend entered the front door of a store in a predominantly black neighborhood. The killing marked Gallion as another victim in the latest racist attack in the US

Jerrald Gallion was killed in a shooting, and people close to him are paying tribute to his departed soul. (Source: Twitter )

Meanwhile, Jerrald was the third victim of the shooting, while the other two were named Angela Michelle Carr and Anolt Joseph “AJ” Laguerre. AJ is supposedly an employee of the store.

Furthermore, the gunman, named Ryan Palmeter, opened fire on Saturday using a weapon he had legally purchased despite having previously been involuntarily committed to a mental health evaluation.

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Who was Jerrald Gallion? Wiki & Bio

Jerrald Gallion was a man from the United States whose name became public after he was named as one of the three victims of the shooting.

On Sunday, family members remembered Jerrald’s sense of humor and work ethic. Gallion saw his job as a restaurant manager as a way to take care of himself daughterIs Asia.

Jerrald Gallion
Jerrald Gallion was a devoted father to his only daughter Je Asia with whom he had a strong bond. (Source: Facebook )

Although his relationship with the child’s mother did not last, the former duo worked together to raise Je Asia. The day after the shooting, family and loved ones remembered Gallion with a prayer vigil near the scene of the shooting.

Some pictures of Jerrald and his loved ones can be found online as they were shared after his tragic shooting death.

Jerrald Gallion Age: Family mourns loss

Jerrald Gallion was 29 years old at the time of his death. The family and loved ones mourn the loss of a beloved member who had a close relationship with everyone.

Furthermore, Gallion attended the Missionary Baptist Church of St. Paul in Jacksonville. As stated earlier, he was a devoted father to his daughter Je Asia.

Jerrald Gallion Age
Community member remembers Jerrald Gallion and other victims of Dollar General shooting. (Source: Facebook )

He co-raised a child with his ex-partner, which even earned Gallion the enduring loyalty of Sabrina Rozier, the child’s maternal grandmother.

A vigil was held near the scene of the shooting, where many people showed up to support the devastated family, and many left messages for the community after the horrific shooting.

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