Rapper Lil Mabu expelled from an elite school in Manhattan

New York rapper Lil Mabu, whose real name is Matthew Peter DeLuca, has become a hot topic of discussion after revelations about his life at school. The artist, known for fusing hip-hop and trap with an upbeat vibe, was reportedly kicked out of Manhattan’s prestigious Collegiate School before he could graduate.

Lil Mabu rose to fame in 2022 after his single “No Snitching” went viral, with the support of the TikTok community. His journey into the music industry began in 2019 and saw initial success with the release of “Miss Me” in 2020. The rapper has also worked alongside other musicians such as Dougie B, Howiee OO, Ej Banks and Kay Flock, contributing to his growing reputation.

My expulsion was because of my music, where I expressed myself and maybe mentioned my teachers.

Videos on Lil Mabu’s YouTube channel suggest that his music, some of which was created in classrooms and refers to his teachers, is the reason for his expulsion. Despite this, there was no official confirmation from any authoritative media about the exact circumstances of his expulsion from school.

The rapper, born April 4, 2005, is the son of Peter, 71, a Manhattan undertaker who is known to occasionally participate in his son’s music projects, and Jane DeLuca, who had a legal battle with Peter in 2006. life and family background Lil Mabu adds more intrigue to his story as fans continue to speculate about the truth behind his expulsion from school and his relationship with his family.

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