The terrifying mid-flight death of a German passenger left a Lufthansa plane splattered with blood

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On a Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Munich63 years old German traveler he caused panic in the cabin when he started spurting an endless stream of blood.

The German passenger entered the plane visibly ill. As the flight progressed, his condition rapidly worsened, causing panic among the passengers. Passenger Martin Missfelder described the scene as absolute horror, with everyone screaming in fear.

The man’s wife, who was traveling with him, first informed the cabin crew that her husband was not feeling well due to the crowds they experienced at Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, as the flight took off, the man’s health deteriorated drastically. He began spitting blood into the bag, which soon turned into a torrent, splattering the walls of the craft.

Passengers came to the aid of the sick man, offering him chamomile tea and checking his pulse. The flight attendant expressed concern for his well-being, but after being cleared to continue the flight, it was passenger Karin Missfelder who insisted that a doctor was urgently needed.

The pilot called a doctor over the loudspeaker, and a 30-year-old Polish medic, although he struggled with English, arrived to assess the situation. Despite the doctor’s initial assessment that the man seemed fine, his condition suddenly worsened. He continued to spit blood into the bag, eventually leading to a horrific eruption of blood from his mouth and nose, covering the walls of the cabin.

The flight attendants tried to resuscitate for about half an hour, but unfortunately they were unable to save the man’s life. The plane had to return to Bangkok, and the man’s body was taken to the kitchen. The captain announced the tragic death over the loudspeaker, leaving the passengers in a state of shock and silence, reports the British Daily Mail.

Passengers traumatized

After returning to Suvarnabhumi Airport, passengers waited for two hours without guidance, causing frustration and distress. The deceased’s wife had to handle the formalities herself, as the other passengers were overbooked on alternative flights via Hong Kong. Missfelder expressed his disappointment, calling the lack of direction for traumatized passengers unacceptable and hoping for an apology.

This is not the first time such a tragic incident has occurred on a flight. In January 2024, a passenger was found dead in an airplane lavatory during a flight from Tenerife, Spain to Manchester, England. The crew discovered the deceased passenger and diverted the aircraft to Cork, Ireland, where medical attention was requested.

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