Was the CEO of Diageo sick? Disease update

Ivan Menezes died on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Was he sick? Find out about the state of health of Ivan Menezes in 2023.

Sir Ivan Manuel Menezes, known as Ivan Menezes, was a business executive of British and American descent.

From 1 July 2013, he succeeded Paul S. Walsh as Chief Executive Officer of Diageo, a British FTSE 100 multinational spirits company.

Menezes joined Diageo in 1997 and has held several prominent positions, including President and CEO of Diageo North America.

In addition, the executive served as Diageo’s North America Chief Operating Officer, President of Latin America and the Caribbean, President of Asia Pacific and President of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Menezes was a non-executive director for Coach, Inc., a US-based clothing retailer. He was knighted in the 2023 New Year’s Honors for his contribution to business and equality.

Ivan Menezes Health 2023: How did the director of Diageo die?

Ivan Menezes, the 63-year-old chief executive officer of Diageo, died suddenly after a short illness.

The reasons for his death in London were not immediately known. However, several speculations suggest that the business executive was suffering from a stomach ulcer.

Indian-born director of Diageo, Ivan Menezes, has died after health problems at the age of 64. (Source: The Economic Times)

Ivan was receiving treatment in the hospital a few days before he died. He was being treated for several other medical conditions besides stomach ulcers.

The business executive leaves behind his wife Shibani and two children, Nikhil and Rohini.

For many years, Menezes and Shibani were a loving husband and wife. Shibani is a devoted wife who was by her husband’s side until his death. As a result, his death completely broke Shibani.

Both of their children are reportedly succeeding in their careers. However, due to the private nature of the couple, there is little information about their children on the Internet.

News about the illness of Ivan Menezes: Was the CEO of Diageo sick?

Yes, the CEO of Diageo, Ivan Menezes, was ill and was being treated in hospital before his death.

The business director was diagnosed with several ailments, including a stomach ulcer. However, other health conditions have not yet been made public.

Menezes, who was chief executive of the £75 billion London-based spirits group from 2013 until this week, was being treated in hospital.

The illness of Ivan Menezes
Ivan Menezes was treated for several diseases, including a stomach ulcer. (Source: The Telegraph)

A Rajya Sabha member named Abhishek Singhvi was among the first beneficiaries to offer condolences on Twitter.

When Singhvi found out about the death of Menezes, a former classmate from St. Columba and the college of St. Stephen, claimed he was both stunned and numb.

According to him, the director of Diageo is a “softer, more relaxed” and “relaxed soul” that is hard to find. Menezes and Singhvi scoffed at the fact that Menezes could run a large corporation like Diageo despite such a gentle nature.

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Ivan Menezes Family: Meet the parents and siblings of the Diageo CEO

Ivan Menezes was a member of a distinguished family. Manuel Menezes, his father, was a business executive from India who served as the head of the Indian Railways.

Like Michael, Marisa and Victor, Ivan’s two siblings were involved in his upbringing. Like the rest of his family, Victor, an Indian banker, has had varied experiences.

The name of Ivan’s mother is still a mystery at this point. When Manuel, Ivan’s father, died on June 15, 1996, the family experienced a devastating turning point in their lives.

Also, Ivan passed away, and the entire Menezes family mourns his passing. Online condolences are also flooding the family’s inbox.

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