Prime Minister Srettha optimistic about visa-free travel between Thailand and China

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In an encouraging message marking the Lunar New Year, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed optimism about the newly abolished Visa requirements in between Thailand and Chinaexpecting a significant increase in bilateral relations and travel.

During his good wishes for the Lunar New Year, Prime Minister Srettha expressed hope that the lifting of visa requirements would encourage greater interaction between Thailand and China. He expressed his belief that this visa-free policy will simplify and speed up travel for both Thai and Chinese citizens. In his statement, he emphasized Thailand’s readiness to host Chinese visitors by already implementing various security measures.

The 61-year-old Thai prime minister, who also serves as finance minister, praised the enduring friendship between the two nations and expressed his desire for increased trade and investment prosperity during the Chinese New Year. The Bangkok-born prime minister highlighted the close bond between the countries, calling them brothers in the spirit of the occasion.

Effective March 1, both Thai and Chinese travelers will enjoy the freedom to enter each other’s countries without the need to apply for a visa. This initiative is specifically designed to promote tourism between Thailand and China, with the aim of enabling a seamless exchange of visitors.

Recent statistics revealed by the government indicate a promising trend, with Thailand receiving 2.7 million international tourists in the first 28 days of the year, including 444,000 visitors from China. Namely, Chinese tourists accounted for the largest number of international arrivals during this period, recording a fivefold increase compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, he reported. Bangkok Post.

Amid these developments, Thailand has set a target of attracting 35 million international tourists this year. Government spokesman Chai Wacharonke expressed confidence in achieving this goal, predicting the possibility of surpassing pre-Covid 19 levels to reach 40 million tourists. This optimistic outlook indicates the potential for significant revitalization in the tourism sector.


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