Who is Afua Hirsch’s daughter? Meet her partner Sam

Daughter of Afua Hirsch: Famous author and television presenter Afua Hirsch has one daughter with her partner, Sam. Check out her personal life in detail below.

Afua Hirsch is a famous British broadcaster. She is a former employee of the long-dominant newspaper The Guardian.

The Norwegian-born journalist also worked as education and social affairs editor for Sky News for three years. The broadcaster’s strong personality and refreshing way of presenting news have earned him considerable fame in the industry.

In addition to being a respected broadcaster and journalist, Hirsch is also a writer. In 2018, she published the book “About race, identity and belonging.”

Her book is part of a memoir that discusses black history, culture and politics in relation to Britain, Ghana and Senegal. Although the book received mixed reviews, Hirsch won the Jerwood Prize.

On a personal level, Afua Hirsch is a dedicated family woman. She is a loving partner and a caring mother. In the following, let’s get to know the members of the journalist’s family in more detail.

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Who is Afua Hirsch’s daughter?

British television presenter and author Afua Hirsch is a caring mother her one daughter. The journalist shares her daughter with her partner Sam.

Afue Hirsch’s daughter was allegedly born in 2011. So, as of 2024, the author’s child is 13 years old. Unfortunately, the journalist did not reveal much about her precious daughter.

Afua Hirsch and her partner Sam had a daughter in 2011. (Image source: Guard)

Because of this, there is scant information about Hirsch’s little girl; even her name is a mystery. In addition, the media did not have the opportunity to see the 13-year-old.

Regardless, the daughter of the former Sky News editor must be having a great time away from the media. Also, given her age, Afu’s daughter is probably in high school and needs to focus on her education.

It is not known if the 13-year-old wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and continue her career in television journalism. However, her mother’s career must have had a significant impact on her.

Let’s hope we learn more about Hirsch’s daughter soon in the coming days.

Meet Afua Hirsch Partner of Sam: Relationship Timeline

Afua Hirsch shares a daughter with her partner Sam, whose last name has not been made public. The journalist and her partner are yet to walk down the aisle. But they already lead a happy family of three.

The adorable couple’s paths first crossed when they were in their early twenties and both were eyeing careers in law.

As Afua Hirsch, her partner, Sam is originally from Ghana. As The Guardian reports, Sam’s mom and dad were first-generation migrants.

Afua Hirsch daughter
Afue Hirsch’s husband, Sam, also comes from Ghana. (Image source: Twitter)

On the other hand, Hirsch’s mum is from Ghana and his dad is Caucasian with Jewish family origins from Yorkshire and German.

Moreover, the journalist and her partner met for the first time in the early 2000s. Although they didn’t reveal when exactly they started dating, the adorable couple have been together for about two decades and are the proud parents of one daughter.

Their bond is still strong and rock solid. A family of three often has to spend quality time and enjoy each other’s company.

Speaking about Sam’s profession, the journalist did not tell much about it. Although it is unknown what Sam does for a living, he must wholeheartedly support Afua’s career.

Although the couple has not revealed anything related to their marriage, they may be planning to. Fans of the journalist can’t wait to know more about her plans for marriage.

Nevertheless, we wish Afua Hirsch, her partner and their daughter a happy time ahead.

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