Newly crowned Miss Japan dethroned due to affair scandal

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Glitz and glamour Miss Japan turned into a vortex of polemics as newly crowned beauty stepped down her throne in the middle scandalous revelations.

The recently crowned beauty queen, 26-year-old naturalized Japanese citizen Karolina Shiino, was awarded the prestigious title of Miss Japan just two weeks ago. She has now renounced her crown after a scandal linked her to an affair with a married man.

While Shia’s win sparked both applause and outrage, with some hailing her as a symbol of Japan’s growing inclusivity and others condemning her as a deviation from traditional beauty norms, her reign was abruptly ended by damning accusations made in the local magazine Shukan Bunshun.

The publication’s scathing report delved into the relationship between Shiin and the married medical influencer, leaving tongues wagging and social media ablaze with speculation. Despite the man’s silence on the matter, the storm of controversy continued to build.

Initially, pageant organizers stood behind the beauty queen, vehemently denying allegations of her involvement in an extramarital affair. However, the situation quickly changed as Shiino admitted that she knew about the man’s marital status and expressed remorse for her deception, BBC News reported.

In a somber statement released yesterday, Ukraine-born Shiino resigned, expressing deep regret for the upheaval she had caused and apologizing to her ardent supporters and the public at large.

“I am truly sorry for the great trouble I have caused and for the betrayal of those who supported me.”

As the dust settles over the scandal, the Miss Japan Association is grappling with the fallout, leaving the coveted title vacant until the end of the year. Despite a field of worthy contenders, the crown is in limbo, overshadowed by the controversy that marred its last recipient.

Born in the Ukraine and immigrating to Japan at the age of five, Shia’s journey symbolized a fusion of cultures. Fluent in spoken and written Japanese, she embraced her adopted homeland, culminating in her naturalization in 2022.

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