Father Sam Ke Ting – Meet her mother and family

Many people were curious to know more about Sam Ke Ting’s father after news of her case went viral.

The Court of Appeals (COA) overturned the conviction of officer Sam Ke Ting, who was previously found guilty of careless driving that resulted in the deaths of eight youths riding “basikal lajak”, or modified bicycles, in 2017.

Sam was sentenced to life in prison in Cambodia and her family has been fighting to get her back to Singapore ever since. However, in recent events, Sam has been released from prison and has now returned to her family.

The woman’s appeal was allowed, and a three-judge panel presided over by Judge Hadhariah Syed Ismail overturned her conviction and prison sentence. This decision was made unanimously.

Sam Ke Ting’s story is a reminder of how one wrong decision can change someone’s life forever.

Basikal Lajak case: What did Sam Ke Ting do?

On February 18, 2017, at approximately 3:20 a.m., Sam was on her way home when they collided with 30 young people riding “basikal lajak”, illegally modified bicycles with handlebars parallel to the seat, killing eight and injuring another eight.

Sam Ke Ting speaks to reporters at the Malaysian Court of Appeal in Putrajaya on April 11, 2023. (Source: todayonline.com)

The Malay Mail reports that Sam drove uphill towards the teenagers and hit them just behind the hill as the cyclists rode against the flow of traffic on the mountainous, dimly lit three-lane road.

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At that moment, she was neither intoxicated nor talking, and it was determined that she was driving within the speed limit. So far, she has been acquitted twice for that incident.

Meet father and mother Sam Ke Ting

Information about Sam Ke Ting’s father and mother is yet to be revealed.

Sam Ke Ting’s parents may have deliberately kept a low profile to avoid media attention. They may prefer to separate their personal lives from their daughter’s legal problems and may not want to be interviewed or photographed by the press.

This could be due to a strained relationship or other personal issues unknown to the public.

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In general, it is not clear why there is no information available about Sam Ke Ting’s father and mother. They may have chosen to remain private, or they may not be involved in their daughter’s story.

Ke Ting himself was freed

Sam Ke Ting, the Malaysian woman who hit a group of cyclists in the early hours of the morning in Johor, killing many people released on appeal.

Together with his lawyer Muhammad Faizal Mokhtar, the official Sam Ke Ting. (Source: theedgemarkets)

After the Johor Bahru High Court overturned the initial acquittal, Sam Ke Ting, 28, was sentenced to six years in prison and a fine of RM6,000 (S$1,817) in April 2022 for careless or dangerous driving which resulted in the deaths of eight young people.

The presiding judge of the panel, Justice Hadhariah Syed Ismail, informed Sam that she was free after both the sentence and the fine were overturned.

The panel hearing is the last opportunity to hear the case; subsequent appeals are not allowed.

According to the council, Sam’s appeal was approved because the charge and conviction “were not in accordance with the law.”

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She added that it was unreasonable for the High Court to first find Sam guilty after claiming the tragedy was “impossible to avoid” in 2022.

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