“An unprecedented achievement”: Towards the Winner Jerusalem Marathon

The Winner Jerusalem Marathon, which started this Friday, is expected to register an all-time record with 40,000 runners, the highest number in the history of the marathon. This year it will stand as a sign of salute to the soldiers of the IDF, when about 6,000 reservists and 7,000 regulars signed up for it.

“This is an absolutely extraordinary figure,” said Ariela Rajvan, Deputy CEO and Director of the Culture, Society and Sports Department at the Jerusalem Municipality. “Precisely in this complex period, we are witnessing record demand for running in Jerusalem and this makes the upcoming marathon particularly exciting and powerful. This year’s marathon symbolizes a lot of hope and national resilience and connects around it the salute to the IDF and the security forces alongside a hug to the families of the kidnapped and the bereaved families, some of whom will come to run in memory of their loved ones. “.

Rajvan added that “the great response of the tens of thousands of runners indicates that the courageous decision taken by Mayor Moshe Leon to hold the marathon as planned despite the challenging period, was correct and accurate. The fact that we will break the record of participants in the Jerusalem Marathon this year speaks for itself. We are especially pleased by their participation The expected number of approximately 1,500 runners and runners from abroad who will run in Jerusalem during the war and this is certainly an unprecedented achievement given the time. The Jerusalem Marathon was chosen as one of the ten most beautiful marathons in the world and gives runners a different experience, an attractive route with quite a few ups and downs and provides a lot of interest and challenge to the participants.”

Rajvan herself, it should be noted, lost her nephew Major Roi Negri the late, a team commander at the Lutar School who died fighting in Bari after saving many families on October 7. “He used to participate in running races all over the country with a carpentry team. We feel the loss every day and at the same time continue living.”

The Jerusalem Marathon will take place this year on International Women’s Day, and Rejuan, an athlete herself and a leading figure in the empowerment of women in the city, sees this as an inseparable connection, “Today, over 40% of the participants in the Jerusalem Marathon are women. Women’s sports, both professional and amateur, in Jerusalem are on a tremendous upswing. We have two Basketball teams in the Women’s Premier League, a women’s soccer team in the Premier League and many leading Jerusalem athletes.”

“In addition, we are also witnessing great growth in sports education among women and extensive activity in the field in the neighborhoods and community managers throughout the city. Capability, perseverance, reaching goals and objectives, and the pursuit of achievement are dominant traits in women and key elements in sports, hence the natural connection between sports and women. Also with the encouragement of Rosh The city of Moshe Leon for the development of women’s leadership, many women are in key positions in the municipality, such as heads of departments and departments. 60% of all employees in our administration of culture, society and sports are women.”

The Jerusalem Marathon is another step in a year full of cultural and sports events in the capital. In the past year, Jerusalem hosted dozens of sports and health events, as well as extensive sports activities for evacuees who came to the city from the south and the north, also in cooperation with the municipal sports associations and community managers.

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