Director Ahmed Medhat: I am looking forward to watching the series The Assassins in Ramadan 2024

Director Ahmed Medhat was keen to congratulate the heroes of the series The Assassinsstarring star Karim AbdulazizAnd the series scheduled to be shown within Ramadan 2024 series on Channel DMC.

Ahmed Medhat wrote on his Facebook account, saying: “Waiting for a series The Assassins In Ramadan, it is an interesting, difficult and very cinematic historical topic. The Assassin group is a Shiite Ismaili sect founded by Hassan al-Sabah in Iran. He was known as the Sheikh of the Mountain. He settled with his group that he founded in a castle there that was called the Castle of Death, meaning the punishment den, and he stayed there for 35 years.

He continued: “The topic has very many dimensions, and as far as I know, Hassan al-Sabah lived in Egypt for 3 years before he went to Iran, and the word hashashin came from the word assassins Meaning killers, as the French used to call them, and they developed into hashishins. In another saying, Hassan al-Sabah’s group used to consume hashish, but I tend to the first opinion. Of course, Hassan al-Sabah is considered by some to be a hero, and to others as a friendly terrorist. The difficulty of the role played by Karim Abdel Aziz, and history is usually written by the victors. And without the titles of Abdel Rahim Kamal, Peter Mimi, and Karim Abdel Aziz, they are very encouraging names. The promo looks nice and it is clear that the production is huge. I am looking forward to watching the series in Ramadan 2024. Happy New Year.”

Ahmed Medhat
Ahmed Medhat

The series “The Assassins” is shown on the channel DMCIt stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Nicolas Moawad, Mirna Nour El-Din, Ahmed Eid, Islam Gamal, Mohamed Radwan, Sami El-Sheikh, Omar El-Shenawy, Nour Ihab, Suzan Najm El-Din, Yasser Ali Maher, Basant Abu Pasha and a large number. Among the artists and guests of honor, it is written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy Company..

The Assassins series is a historical series whose events take place in the eleventh century, in northern Persia, where Hassan al-Sabbah founded a group of the most loyal to the Ismaili faith and called it “the Fedayeen”… men who did not care about death in order to achieve their goal, as these Fedayeen struck terror into the hearts of the rulers. And the princes hostile to them, and they were able to assassinate many very important figures.

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