Experts: Exempting Saudis from entry visas to Albania opens new opportunities for economic cooperation

Specialists confirmed that Albania’s step to exempt Saudi citizens from entry visas represents a strategic decision that strengthens economic cooperation between the two countries and opens new horizons for investors in the two countries.

Noman Othman, a specialist in public relations and investment development, pointed out that the Republic of Albania’s decision to exempt Saudi citizens from entry visas reflects the strong diplomatic relations between the two countries and opens new horizons for economic and commercial cooperation between the Kingdom and Albania.
As well as strengthening mutual understanding and ties that bring together countries, praising at the same time the efforts made by the Kingdom’s ambassador to Albania, Faisal Al-Hafzi, and the support he provides and the efforts made to consolidate bridges between the two countries.

Noman Othman, specialist in public relations and investment development
Noman Othman, specialist in public relations and investment development

Noman revealed that the year 2023 witnessed the presence of a large number of Saudi tourists in Albania, expecting the number to increase in the coming years and a move towards investing in the country before prices rise. This is a result of Saudi tourists being informed about the country’s conditions, capabilities and needs for projects. Especially in light of the low prices in Albania, as they are less expensive than some countries, which increases the proportion of investments in its market. He stressed that the investment opportunities in the country are ripe for investment in several areas, most notably energy, due to Europe’s need for alternative energy, noting that the economic feasibility of solar energy projects for investors is very profitable in the long term.

For his part, Abu Omar, a tour guide in Albania, said, “Since the appointment of Edi Rama as Prime Minister of Albania, we have witnessed the strengthening of relations between the two countries, the most important of which is the decision to exempt Saudis from visas to Albania, and agreements in a number of fields between the two countries.” He explained that there is a desire and great demand from tourists. Saudis visit Albania throughout the year, noting that the beginning of his work as a guide began in 2015 through his participation in the People’s Culture Festival held by the Islamic University and he received 10 Saudi tourists at that time, while the number of tourists coming through him during the year 2023 exceeded a thousand tourists, stressing that the most Saudi investment sectors In Albania, the Arab hotels, real estate and restaurants sector.

Abu Omar is a tour guide in Albania
Abu Omar is a tour guide in Albania

He said that the most prominent factors that contributed to attracting Saudi tourists to go to Albania were the good treatment, reception and hospitality enjoyed by the Albanian people, in addition to the low costs and prices compared to the rest of the European country, as well as the absence of harassment of veiled women.

Bayram Begai, President of the Republic of Albania, recently called on Saudi investors to invest in his country and benefit from stimulating investment opportunities and laws, promising that he would be the guardian and personal guarantor of their investments in Albania. He noted his country’s ambitions to obtain membership in the European Union, his country’s position in many international organizations, and its ability to Understanding business, economic activities and investments.

In the same context, the Saudi-Albanian Business Forum, held in the Albanian capital, Tirana yesterday, witnessed the signing of the Federation of Saudi Chambers and the Federation of Albanian Chambers of Commerce of the agreement to establish a joint Saudi-Albanian Business Council, establishing a new economic partnership between the two countries to encourage economic, trade and investment cooperation, which will constitute a strong boost to trade and investment. Between the two countries.

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