Iris Apple died at the age of 102: farewell to the most daring fashionista

The fashion world said goodbye this weekend to the oldest and coolest fashionista out there – Iris Apple, who passed away at the extreme age of 102. The interior designer and businesswoman who became a fashion icon precisely in her old age, gave us quite a few lessons over the years – and not just in style.

>> Burying everyone: the fashionista Iris Apple celebrated 102!

She was born on August 29, 1921 in Queens, New York, as Iris Berel, to parents of Jewish origin. She became Iris Apple when she married her partner, Carl Apple, with whom she founded a textile company that they managed jointly until 1992. As part of her work, Apple was responsible for the design and renovation of the White House, and throughout her professional life she was considered the “first lady of textiles”. 5 life lessons we received from Iris Apple:

1. It’s never too late to be discovered

Apple was signed at the age of 97 by the global modeling agency IMG, which represents, among others, Gal Gadot, Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid. “I’m very excited, I’ve never had a proper agent,” Apple told the fashion website WWD at the time. “I’m a do-it-yourself woman. I never expected my life to take such a turn, so I never prepared for it. Everything happened so suddenly, and I didn’t think at my tender age that I was going to sit in offices and be involved in things. I thought it was just a burn in the pan , that it’s not going to last, but somehow people discovered me. I’m very excited and grateful.”

Iris Apple  Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Iris Apple Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

2. Fashion is fleeting but style is forever – and also: don’t be afraid to stand out

Apple’s unique and colorful style made her an unforgettable personality. The saying “More Is Less”, was the complete opposite of what she believed in, and her style was bold and extreme. She did not fall for passing trends but was not afraid to dare and stand out with high-volume clothes, bold colors, crazy prints and huge accessories. Her unique style made her a sought-after fashionista until her last day, and among the brands and designers who asked her to collaborate with her, you will find MAC, H&M, Kate Spade, Le Bon Marche and more. At one point they even designed a Barbie doll in her image and likeness.

Iris Apple for H&M |  Photo: Yeh"t

Iris Apple for H&M | Photo: PR

3. Love only increases with age

Carl, Apple’s partner, also passed away at an extreme age. Carl died at the age of 100, and in the nine years since his death, Iris has not stopped missing him. The two met in 1947, and married a year later. By the way, Karl was also quite a fashionista. Like his partner, who sported round glasses with thick black frames, Karl also had his own signature glasses, as well as an astonishing style of dress. Since he passed away, Iris has been constantly sharing her longing and love for Carl online. Just last December, just before Christmas, she shared a sweet picture of them as a couple and wrote: “I miss my partner for the holiday parties.” Couch in the heart.

Fashionista and fashionista.  Iris and Karl Apple in 2012 |  Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage for GettyImages

Fashionista and fashionista. Iris and Karl Apple in 2012 | Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage for GettyImages

4. You are allowed to prioritize career over children

Iris and Carl Apple never had children. Iris said that the reason for this is that if she cannot raise them full time – she is not interested in it. The two spent a lot of time traveling around the world as part of the joint business, and in practice her career was her baby, to which she devoted her entire life. “I don’t believe in letting a child grow up with a nanny, and that’s not what we intended to do,” Apple said of her and Karl’s decision in a past interview with the Guardian. “Besides,” she said, “having children is like a protocol, it’s what’s expected of you, and I don’t like being labeled.”

5. Celebrate life in a big way

Birthdays are a tricky thing. Up to a certain age, say 25, you are happy to celebrate the fact that you have grown a year. From there, the whole concept usually takes a turn, and all the tedious mental calculations and the self-talk about what you did or did not do and all that jazz begin. Apple celebrated every birthday in a big way, even her last and glorious birthday at the age of 102. She made sure to upload a record of the celebrations to the web every year and fly through life as if she were 22 years old – which is simply an amazing lesson for life. Two days ago she uploaded the last post of her life, and symbolically, she celebrated half her birthday – 102 and a half years old. Hope she continues to celebrate forever, wherever she is.

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