Gold prices decreased today, Sunday, by 40 pounds… and 21 karat gold at 2730 pounds per gram

Islam Saeed wrote

Sunday, March 3, 2024 01:19 PM

We publish Gold prices in Egypt Following its decline in morning trading today by about 40 pounds, gold recorded its lowest level since last November, bringing the price of 21 carat gold, which is the best-selling gold in Egypt, to 2,730 pounds per gram without any manufacturing additives.

Gold prices today:

24 karat records 3120 pounds.

21 carat costs 2730 pounds.

18 karat weighs 2340 pounds.

The gold pound is 21,840 pounds.

Global gold

An ounce of global gold ended February’s trading with a slight increase. Volatility was dominant in movements during most of this month’s trading periods, but the consistency of the gold price reflects its ability to withstand negative pressure from US interest expectations due to continued demand for the precious metal.

The spot gold price rose during the month of February by 0.3% to close at the level of $2044 per ounce, after recording the highest level during the month at $2065 per ounce and the lowest level at $1984 per ounce.

Despite the significant rises and falls during the last 3 months of trading in the global gold price, it is noted that the sideways trend was dominant in the movement of gold despite this, and that most of the trading periods were limited to the region of 2000 – 2050 dollars per ounce.

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