Latifa: I worked with Helmy Bakr on patriotic songs on the radio when I came to Egypt, and I love his work

The star revealed Latifa About the details of her cooperation with the late musician My dream is virginShe said in special statements to “Al-Youm Al-Sabea”: “We worked on almost patriotic songs. We made two songs for the October celebrations back in the day on the radio when I first came to Egypt with Professor Abdel-Wahab Mohamed, and we also made emotional songs, and I love Helmi Bakr very much and I love his successes and I learned from them.” And all the things he did with love.”

Regarding her recent cooperation with him, Latifa said: “After I visited Professor Helmy Bakr in the hospital, he sent me songs that we would do together, but I didn’t want him to feel that I helped him to write songs for me and I said, ‘Let the world be guided, and may God heal him first,’ but unfortunately fate did not allow that, and may God have mercy on him.”

The star Latifa expressed her sadness after the passing of musician Helmy Bakr, who passed away yesterday, Friday. She said in special statements to “The Seventh Day”: “A thousand mercy and light upon him, and I thank God that he inspired me to visit him and go to the hospital, and his circumstances were difficult, and he himself spoke about this visit.” In one of the programmes.

Regarding her dispute with Helmy Bakr, Latifa said: “There was never a dispute between me and Helmy Bakr, and he had opinions and regretted them, and I am a person who is tolerant with myself and with God and I know myself well, and he even said on the program that he regretted his statements and cried and did not know what to do.” Who made him say that?“.

Latifa continued: “When I learned of his circumstances and that he was unable to leave the hospital because someone had to hold the hospital accountable, I went to him, did my duty, and held the hospital accountable, and this was last year, not this recent period.”“.

Latifa continued: “No one has taken anything from the world other than your actions, and if you do good, you will find it. I went to him, stood with him, and did my duty, and he was surprised by the visit and cried, and he said during one of the programs that Latifa’s visit made me cry.”“.

It is noteworthy that the late musician spent his last days in the village of Al-Boha, affiliated with the Kafr Saqr Center, where he moved there with his wife and their little daughter, to spend several days visiting, but his health condition suddenly deteriorated and he died at the age of 86 years..

Musician Helmy Bakr performed more than 1,500 music compositions, during which he collaborated with leading singers in the Arab world, most notably Warda, Najat, Laila Murad, Medhat Saleh, Muhammad Al-Helou, Ali Al-Hajjar, and others.

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