Urgent: Meteorology warns of “low weather with rain” in the Emirates today

Meteorology in the United Arab Emirates warned of the need to be careful as a result of the presence of a depression with rain in various parts of the country, with tropical humidity coming from the south.

UAE weather today announces a depression with rain

Emirates weather today

The results of the weather maps at the Meteorological Center in the United Arab Emirates indicated that the country was gradually affected, starting from the evening of this Wednesday and tomorrow, Thursday, since the early hours of dawn, with a state of instability in the weather conditions, as a result of the presence of a depression within the high air layers in conjunction with… Tropical moisture flows coming from the south.

According to what was announced by the National Center of Meteorology, the weather tomorrow, Thursday, will be partly cloudy to cloudy with the presence of cumulonimbus clouds, which will be interspersed with rain falling on scattered areas of the country, and it will be heavy at times, especially in the eastern regions, and there will also be a decrease in degrees. the heat.

While at noon hours, the chance of rain will weaken in all regions, with noticeable activity from the northwesterly winds, while the waves will be moderate to turbulent in the Arabian Gulf region, and light to moderate in the Sea of ​​Oman.

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Friday weather

Emirates weather today

On Friday, the rain will weaken and the weather will be partly cloudy in general, especially in the north and east, with the possibility of light rain during the day, and the wind will be northwesterly, light to moderate, with dust in some separate areas of the country.

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How is the weather in the Emirates now?

There is a depression accompanied by rain.

When does it rain in the Emirates?

During the winter season, which is from December until mid-March.

When does the temperature drop in Dubai?

In October, it reaches 30 degrees Celsius on average.

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