Biden’s kiss to Meloni sparks controversy during their meeting at the White House..and newspaper: Inappropriate

Fatima Shawqi

Monday, March 4, 2024 02:02 PM

Welcome effects US President Joe Biden To the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni There was widespread controversy, as he greeted her with a “kiss” on the head, which sparked controversy on social networking sites, where some described her as affectionate and others as inappropriate, according to what the Italian newspaper “Al Matino” said.

Biden and Meloni in the White House

The video spread on many websites, and sparked a wave of widespread controversy and harsh criticism of Biden, especially since the meeting was official and not during a special occasion or friendly meeting between officials.

According to official sources, the meeting between Biden and Meloni was friendly and fruitful, and the two leaders discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as The situation in the Gaza Strip.

During his meeting with Meloni, Biden stressed the urgent need to increase deliveries Humanitarian aid All over Gaza.

The two sides also exchanged views on Italy’s goals under its presidency of the G7, including continued support for Ukraine, sustainable development, food and energy security, migration, as well as cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and continuing joint efforts to support the partnership in global infrastructure and investment.

He confirmed US President and Italian Prime MinisterThey expressed their steadfast support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian military intervention, and praised the leadership role played by the Italian Prime Minister in the G7 and the European Union to strengthen support for Ukraine.

Meloni emphasized the importance Continued US support for UkraineShe stressed the urgent need to increase deliveries of life-saving humanitarian aid throughout Gaza.

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