Gold prices in Egypt record 2800 pounds per gram of 21 carat

She returned gold prices To rise again in Egypt with the rise in demand for the precious metal following major declines in the markets during the past days due to the decline of the black market dollar, and it recorded Gram of 21 carat gold It is the best seller in Egypt for 2800 pounds.

Gold prices today:

24 karat records 3189 pounds.

21 carat costs 2800 pounds.

18 karat carat costs 2391 pounds.

The gold pound is 22,320 pounds.

Gold globally

I opened gold prices Global trading this week is on the rise, trading near the highest level in more than two months, after the large gains achieved by gold at the end of last week due to weak American data that increased expectations that the Federal Reserve will begin reducing interest rates next June.

Record price per ounce Global gold Today’s increase by 0.2% to record the highest level in 9 weeks at $2088 per ounce after opening today’s session at $2082 per ounce. At the time of writing the technical report, Gold Bellion was trading at the level of $2085 per ounce.

This comes after a significant rise last week of 2.3%, during which it was able to breach the important resistance level of $2050 per ounce, bringing gold to its target of $2080 and surpassing it to close at $2082 per ounce.

The weak data released by the US economy last week was the main reason behind… Gold prices rise In this sharp manner, industrial sector performance data was released, which showed an expansion of the contraction in the US industrial sector during the month of February, in addition to a decline in consumer confidence about the future of the economy.

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