The Greatest Series, Episode 8, Episode 7.. The gang storms the bank wearing la casa de papel clothes

“Profitable” Rahma Ahmed convinced her “senior” husband Ahmad Makki That she will go with Hazel on a trip with “Johnny” during the events of the seventh episode of Very big series 8, The “big one” thought that he would be dizzy and alone.

Hazalqum, Marbouha, Nafadi, Hagras, Tabaza, and Al-Atra stormed the bank in the style of the Spanish series La Casa De Papel, and Johnny and Hagras were watching them from the outside. After the gang entered the bank, they found “Dr. Rabie” Bayoumi Fouad withdrawing his money because Tabaza told him what they were going to do and that they were going to rob the bank.

Johnny asked Hazalqum and the gang to spread out at the bank, count the hostages, and search for the employee in charge of the bank in order to find the box.

The events of the sixth episode of Very big seriesA strange call came to Marbouha, Nafadi, Hagras, Tabaza, and the family asking for them. They gather in the evening without informing the elder, and they actually hear the words and gather to find that Hazalqum is the reason for their gathering because he wants to help him rob a bank.

Hazalqum tells them that he wants to rob the bank because of His Eminence Ahmed Al-Selkawi, who put a box inside the bank after stealing it from him after he bought it at an auction. He wants the box back and asks them not to inform Al-Kabir.

The series Al-Kabir Awi 8 will be shown on the ON channel at 6:05 pm, and it will also be shown on the watch it platform.

Very big series 8 Starring Ahmed Mekky, Rahma Ahmed, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Gharib, Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Salam, Samaa Ibrahim, Hussein Abu Haggag, Hatem Salah, and other artists, in addition to the appearance of a number of guests of honor, and the work is produced by Synergy Company, written by Mustafa Saqr. , Mohamed Ezz El-Din, and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

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