Al-Riyadh newspaper | The Ministry of Culture launches a cultural platform using “Metaverse” technology

The Ministry of Culture launches a cultural platform using “Metaverse” technology

“Metaverse technology” is one of the modern technical revolutions that combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to create three-dimensional virtual environments that interact with users realistically. This technology is used in a variety of multi-use experiences that include: culture, entertainment, and electronic games. , training and education, design and construction, e-commerce, medicine, treatment and tourism. These experiences rely on advanced technology such as sensing, augmented reality, machine learning, and human interaction to achieve interesting and useful experiences for users.

Metaverse, as a term, refers to the development of post-virtual reality, where virtual reality is integrated with the real world in a more integrated and interactive way, and advanced technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning are used to create multi-dimensional virtual environments that interact naturally with users.

Software engineer Ayman Al-Qahtani confirms that the virtual world was designed from certain algorithms so that it often resembles the real world, and software companies are constantly working to develop it so that the user can coexist with a rich, educational, entertainment and tourism experience through which he can see the world what he wants through a screen or enhanced glasses. In fact, it has become a future investment destination for many international companies.

As editor and technical specialist Abdullah Al-Sabaa explains, the “Metaverse” world is virtual through which users can create virtual characters and interact within this world, so that users can create their different worlds, and there are several official bodies around the world that have created different worlds to interact with the world, which is one of the Technologies adopted by many companies to interact with their customers, indicating that the future may be for augmented reality for the real world, making it one of the main trends in the development of technology and innovation.

From this standpoint, the Ministry of Culture launched the “Con Platform”, one of the interactive cultural platforms that allows visitors virtually on an exciting journey by wandering through the “metaverse technology” space, taking the visitor to learn about the vibrant and authentic heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The visitor of the innovative “Con” experiences a unique journey dating back to the founding of the Saudi state from 1727 AD to the present, supported by advanced smart generative media technology.

The “Cultural Metaverse” allows exploration, learning, earning, and communication with the great jewel of Saudi culture, by controlling directions and movement within the platform, choosing the character that suits the visitor, whether in the “male or female” category, controlling walking and running, and moving the camera in 360 degrees that suggests a narrative experience of the story and entry. In the details of the place, specify the graphics and their quality, as well as choose the appropriate language.

Through the “Con platform”, the visitor also learns about the Ministry of Culture and its affiliated bodies through an icon showing the name of the entity and watching introductory and educational clips on the screens located in each entity in order to learn about its origins, idea and the services it provides in the various fields of culture in the arts, architecture, design, heritage, theater and cinema. Culinary arts, libraries, visual arts and literature.

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