Inspired by the series “Beit Al-Rifai”, Episode 8.. The meaning of the word “invincibility” in the Arabic language

The events of the eighth episode of House of Al-Rifai serieswhich is shown on the ON channel simultaneously with its showing on the watch it platform, within Ramadan 2024 serieswith the scene of Yassin (Amir Karara) and Samia (Mirna Jamil) entering the latter’s house, and finds the teacher Saeed (Mohamed Lotfy) present in the house, as he is chasing Samia all the time and wants to marry her in any way, and as soon as he got out of prison, he came to ask her for marriage again.

Samia “Mirna Jamil” rejected her brother’s description of Yassin.Amir Karara“He is a man who has power over his wife, so what is the meaning of the word “power”?

Arabic language scholars differed in finding a meaning for the word “obedience.” Some of them said that it comes from the verb “to obey,” and he says in support of this meaning that someone obeyed him and submitted to him “obeyed him” and obeyed his command, and the last word is the most used word in public speech.

In the Holy Qur’an, “So his soul volunteered to kill his brother, so he killed him.” Verse 30. Al-Ma’idah. There is another meaning, which is common among people, about the meaning of inability, which is the loss of the sense of error, and the person getting used to coexisting with it without any value of beauty, morals, or religion affecting him, until it became for these people. Those who are inattentive are signs of arrogance, perhaps the most important of which is indifference. These people do not speak much, and if they do speak, their words have no meaning, and their words do not add anything.

The word “ruthless man” was used to mean that he is a person who lacks feeling and responsibility, and is considered a burden on society and the people around him. The use of this word should be avoided and the focus should be on describing negative behavior more accurately and clearly.

The exact description of the character of an obedient man is the one who leaves the women of his household, whether his wife, mother, or sister, to work and lives on her salary and does not spend on them and expects them to spend on him, meaning that he is a person dependent on them.

The events of the seventh episode of the series Beit Al-Rifai, starring Amir Karara, continued, as Samia (Mirna Jamil) called Yassin’s (Amir Karara) mother, Laila (Safaa Al-Toukhi), and informed her of Yassin’s intention to surrender himself to the police, so Laila decides to go to meet Yassin, and as soon as she gets off the house, she takes a taxi and in. At the same time, two people from Farouk’s side move behind her to monitor her.

On her way, Laila feels that she is being watched and tries to evade the two people who are watching her. She enters a building on her way and exits through the back door and is able to escape from her observers. At the same time, Yassin meets his ex-wife, Hind (Enas Kamel), to see his daughter, Habiba. Laila arrives at Yassin’s place and convinces him not to surrender. Himself because he had no fault, and she is sure that he was not killed and is looking for a way to reach the real killer and prove his innocence.

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