As the elections approach, Biden outperforms Trump on an “important point”

US President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign announced that it raised more than $53 million last February with the Democratic Party, an influx that is expected to expand the Democrats’ “cash advantage” in the US election race against former President Donald Trump.

His campaign said Biden The Democratic Party and their joint accounts now have $155 million in cash, up from $130 million at the end of January. The campaign credited strong support from small donors for the fundraising in February.

Advantage and superiority

With this important point, according to the American newspaper “The New York Times”, Biden and the Democrats achieved a great advantage over… Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee, which reported having about $40 million in cash at the end of January.

It was not published Trump campaign February fundraising numbers, but she said it also had its strongest month among small donors, surpassing the $22.3 million raised last August.

“The fact that we have $155 million in cash on hand, which will go 100 percent toward building the campaign and focusing on the six or seven states that will determine the outcome of this election,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, Biden’s campaign co-chairman, said in an interview with the New York Times. “It’s a huge competitive advantage.”

Trump was chatting with donors in… Mar-a-Lago Club His private residence is in Palm Beach, State Floridain an attempt to reduce the financial disparity he faces against Biden, according to the newspaper.

The former president also faces high financial pressures resulting from his legal bills, which are paid by one of his political action committees.

It is noteworthy that the two campaigns should reveal details of their financial resources on March 20, with a more complete picture appearing on April 15.

Biden’s election efforts

Although Biden is outpacing Trump this cycle, the $53 million he raised in February is far less than the $86 million Trump raised in February 2020, when he was president seeking re-election, in a similar situation.

According to the newspaper, Biden spent huge amounts of money this month as the campaign escalated, investing $30 million in a 6-week advertising campaign in key battleground states and hiring new employees.

He and the Vice President also did Kamala Harris He has campaigned in several swing states since his State of the Union address. Last week, Harris made a high-profile trip to an abortion clinic in Minnesota, becoming the highest-profile US official to do so, a visit that highlighted how reproductive rights have become a motivating issue for Democratic voters.

In the coming weeks, the Biden campaign will ramp up its fundraising even further, holding two events that are sure to attract attention and significant funds. On March 28, Biden is scheduled to appear with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Obama At a fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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