Najwa Fouad reveals to Youm7 the developments in her health condition and the story of Kissinger’s admiration for her

The artist topped the list Nagwa Fouad Trending recently after she stated in one of the programs about many matters related to her life, whether the number of her marriages or her artistic career, which she addressed during special statements to “The Seventh Day” in which Najwa Fouad revealed the secret of her admiration for the late most famous American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, in addition to developments in her condition. Health after surgery.

The story of the US Secretary of State’s admiration for Najwa Fouad

Najwa Fouad, in a special statement to the Youm7 website, said: “I learned about his death this morning through the news. He was a great politician. I did not have anything in common with him from the stories and rumors that were reported except that he was a fan of me and was keen to frequent the places where I used to dance.” .

She added Nagwa Fouad He watched me 3 or 4 times a lot, and I did not understand the English language well enough, and I was married at the time, so if he looked at me as a fan, I saw him as just someone who was keen to watch me only, and I did not care about anything more than that, and I did not even eat dinner with him. And I would finish my presentation and leave.”

She also concluded her talk about Henry Kissinger by saying: He would call the State Department whenever he visited Egypt, and confirm his desire for me to watch my shows, and they would make reservations for him, and one time I saw him with his wife, whom he took to watch one of my shows, and she looked very similar to me, as if she was a carbon copy of me, but she was taller than me, and she Mrs. Nancy, who remained his wife until his death.

Najwa Fouad’s health condition

Regarding Najwa Fouad’s illness, she stated: “For a while now, I have been unable to walk on my feet at all, due to back pain and lumbar pain, but I underwent an operation according to what the doctors said.”

Regarding the developments in Najwa Fouad’s health condition, she said: “Now I have become better and I can walk, even if lightly, but better than before, and within the next week I will go to the doctor to find out the extent of my condition’s response to the operation that I underwent.”

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